I have to say I'm extremely impressed with Game Freak and Legends Arceus. Anyone who is unsure out there about picking it up. I can't imagine you'll be disappointed with your purchase. It's so close to what I've wanted from this franchise for years! Leaves some things to be desired like full open world. But it's very close to a Breath of the Wild experience. A step in the right direction for sure.

Due to recent appearances of Del Bigtree on Steve Deace's show. I decided to watch the Vaxxed doc series he's worked on. Fucking horrific!

I used to be a vaccine neutral, and trust the medical experts to look well into this. Now I'm 100% anti vaccine, I'm not just anti mandate fuck all this creepy shit. This last two years has broken my trust of doctors, pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies in general. The people perpetrating this knowingly deserve the wrath of the Lord!

A reminder of what we’re up against. I don’t know how we share a country with this…..

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Leftists Call for Parenthood To Be Abolished?!? | @Pat Gray Unleashed
youtube.com/watch?v=5Gt_lk9fvK (BlazeTV)

These kinds of people should not feel comfortable to share these ideas. The good ol fashioned ass beating needs to make a comeback.


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I love it when people that know you have a 9-5 hit you up like what you doin? I know it’s a holiday but I don’t work for a bank.

So my aunt had a weird experience

Went to get tested for the coof at the hospital. The hospital gets the results and calls her up saying she was positive and needed an injection of monoclonal antibodies. She went and got them. That afternoon she got a call from the lab saying her test was negative. 🤷‍♂️

The logical motive there is expiring treatments. Need to bill insurance and move them. But wtf?

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